Cayce DPS Responds To Allegations Of Harrasment

The Cayce Department of Public Safety last night made public dashcam and bodycam video of an incident Monday night.

Officers were called to the Riverwalk area by witnesses claiming two women were vandalizing the area with paint.

According to a statement released by the city, "Both females refused to cooperate when asked for identification and attempted to leave the area. Both were uncooperative and verbally aggressive towards officers including using threatening language saying that the officers “are going down.”

The videos show the officers attempts to deescalate the situation. While the investigation continues, the two were allowed to leave the area.

Links to the videos are below.

Intro to Body Cam:

Body Cam 1:

Body Cam 2:

Body Cam 3:

Body Cam 4:

Dash Cam 1:

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