South Carolina County Named Among Most Dangerous Places To Drive In America

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You've read about how South is home to one of America's deadliest intersections. Now, another Palmetto State county was named among the most dangerous places to drive in the country.

According to a report by law firm Morgan & Morgan, 20 years' worth of fatal crash data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration was analyzed to rank the most dangerous places to drive in the country based on the highest fatality rates per 10,000 residents. Of the 10 counties considered dangerous to drive, one in South Carolina rounded out the list: Jasper County.

These are the 10 most dangerous counties for driving:

  1. La Paz County, Arizona
  2. Tunica County, Mississippi
  3. Lowndes County, Alabama
  4. Leon County, Texas
  5. Big Horn County, Montana
  6. Reeves County, Texas
  7. Millard County, Utah
  8. Emery County, Utah
  9. Conecuh County, Alabama
  10. Jasper County, South Carolina

On the other side, however, these are the 10 safest counties to drive as they have the lowest rates of automobile fatalities:

  1. Arlington County, Virginia
  2. Bethel Census Area, Arkansas
  3. Broomfield County, Colorado
  4. Bronx County, New York
  5. New York County, New York
  6. Kings County, New York
  7. Middlesex County, Massachusetts
  8. Suffolk County, Massachusetts
  9. Bristol County, Rhode Island
  10. Hennepin County, Minnesota

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