Where’s The Beef?

We learned yesterday that TCube Solutions would be the newest tenant at the BullStreet Commons.  The local start-up which is a product of the USC Technology Incubator program, says it will invest $1.7M and create 100 jobs when it moves into vacant space at the First Base building. 

BullStreet project manager Robert Hughes is quoted in the State Newspaper as saying that “TCube is the perfect example of what we are trying to create in BullStreet.”

I’m sorry, but when did the focus change from what it was sold as to becoming a “high tech corridor”? 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to hear that another tenant has been added and no disrespect to TCube Solutions but didn’t we already try this with Innovista?

So we have TCube, Founder’s Bank, the USC Medical School and a luxury cinema (which I am very excited about) as the only announcements made since the new ballpark opened for business last April. If I’ve missed one my apologies, but you get the point.

In November of 2014 we were told the developer had 41 letters of intent from retailers.  At the time Bob Hughes said that at the pace they were on the development would build out in just 10 years as opposed to the planned 20.  Well, that was three years ago and now with just seven years left on that revised timeline we’ve seen nada, zippo, blank-o!

In December of 2015 we were told that plans would be submitted for an 85 store urban village along with apartments, restaurants, shops and entertainment to include the  new  cinema with construction beginning in the second half of 2016. 

Hang on, let me check my calendar…yep it’s 2017 already and aside from the announcement of the cinema we’ve again seen nada, zippo, blank-o!

Nobody expected this would be an overnight sensation, but it seems to me that at the very least the taxpayers who are ponying up tens of millions of dollars deserve at the least a little transparency from both the city and the developer who continue to have a serious case of lock-jaw.

Gary David

Gary David

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