Grabbin’ A Beer With Bob

I’ve got to admit I was more than a little surprised Friday when the USC Board of Trustees elected Lt. General Robert Caslen as the next President of the school.

Don’t get me wrong, I liked this pick from the start.Surprised that they had the kahunas to do what they should have done about two months ago. Maybe some just got tired of a handful of student activists, a bunch of faculty members, accreditation boards and some deep pocket donors telling them what to do.

As an aside, love that fact that they rebuked Darla Moore who is the school’s biggest single donor and takes every chance she can to remind us of that. Great, she has a ton of money and she’s been very generous with it but I’m beginning to tire of her always telling the state of South Carolina what it should be doing when it comes to education.

Caslen is the guy, or rather Bob as he says he wants to be known around these parts.Smart move to capitalize on the trend set by Dr. Pastides. Doubt that any ROTC members will be calling him Bob, though.

So far, Bob is saying and doing all the right things. Even mentioning he might show up in 5 Points and knock back a beer or two with students. Hope he checks their IDs first.

Bob has extended the olive branch, but as one student activist is quoted in the Post and Courier “I think he’s a positive spirit so I think he’s ready to move on, but I don’t think everybody else is ready to move on”. Hmm, waiting are you waiting for? If you love the university like you say you do you have to at least give Bob a chance.In the end this will be the true litmus test for students, faculty, alums and big donors.

While he has and is meeting with donors, Ms. Moore says she had no meeting planned with him. Come on Darla, don’t jump on the resistance movement ‘cause the board hurt your feelings! If you love USC now is the time to show it.

You might not agree with Bob, but at least give the dude a fighting (Gamecock) chance.

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