Here Comes The Feel Good Part

Following a tragic weekend of mass shootings and news that a 16 year old not only made racist videos but threatened to shoot up Cardinal Newman, here comes the “feel good” legislation.

Among other things in her proposed legislation, state Sen. Mia McLeod wants to make any threat to harm of kill anyone based on race, religion, sexual orientation or nationality a crime in South Carolina.

Of course these sorts of threats are already a crime here and everywhere else for that matter.

She also wants to make it law that school staff report any threats to local authorities.The state Department of Education says that too is already state law.

So what we basically have here is hate crime legislation, a law that we currently don’t have here is South Carolina. She wants enhanced penalties for anyone convicted of threatening someone as long as they fall under a certain category.

I’ve never quite understood the concept. I mean after all, isn’t all crime hate crime when you get right down to it?

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