Defending Trump

Honestly speaking, there are times when our President just flat wears me out.Today was one of those.

We played a clip this morning of the President’s comments yesterday about UV light and disinfectants being used inside the body to kill Coronavirus. Trump was sharing these musings after a DHS official mentioned them as being effective according to research that is still going on.

To be fair, Trump didn’t say go out and inject Clorox in your veins, he said he found it interesting and maybe something that could be looked at and potentially administered by doctors. We all know that drinking Clorox can kill you, but somewhere out there a story is going to pop up about someone doing just that and then Trump will get blamed for it.

Let’s face it, the media is looking for (and at times making up) things that he says as a way to continually attack him. This one was just way too easy. Trump served it up on a golden platter. Not only that, it also might serve to weaken the perception some have of his leadership abilities.

Problem for me is that when something like this happens, I can’t just let it go.It was a mistake for him to say that and I feel it would be irresponsible of me not to point it out. If for no other reason than that it was not a “politically” smart thing to do. The MSM is already stacking the deck against you don’t help them out!

So when I bring these things up I get accused of not supporting my President. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again here, I am not a big fan of Trump the person, but I am a huge fan of Trump the President and his vision for our country. Please don’t throw that away with comments like these Mr. President.

Oh and by the way, if the election were held tomorrow and media was successful in getting Joe Biden elected, do you think the tone of the reporting on Covid-19 would change in an instant?

You better believe it would!

Stay safe


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