Surfside Woman Kidnapped, Escapes Out Of Trunk In North Carolina

A Horry County convenience store clerk is safe after reportedly being forced into the trunk of her car and taken to Columbus County, North Carolina on Sunday. 

The woman, who was working the night shift, was taken at gunpoint from a Scotchman convenience store near Surfside Beach at 4:30 a.m. The gunman allegedly made her drive to a parking lot at the beach and told her he had something to "take care of" and he wasn't planning to hurt her. 

She was forced into the trunk and she waited with her hand on the emergency release latch until she felt it was safe to escape. The victim says someone else got into her car along the way, but she never saw him. 

When she smelled gas fumes at a gas station, she waited for them to get gas and get back into the car before jumping out of the trunk at a Sun Do store in North Carolina. The suspect, who the victim says she's never seen before, tried to catch her, but ran back to the car when she screamed. 

Horry County police released a photo of a woman they want to question about the incident, as well as a sketch of the suspected kidnapper. If you have any information in the case, please call the HCPD.


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