Man Kidnapped Woman After Luring Her To South Carolina

A man is in custody after allegedly luring a Canadian woman to South Carolina and kidnapping her. 

Pickens County deputies picked up the man after the victim's family was tipped off by coded messages she sent while she was being held captive. He pretended to be a photographer online and told the woman he would pay her thousands to come model for him. 

Officials say he purchased a plane ticket for her and even maintained the photographer hoax for two days upon her arrival. On the third day, he reportedly took her to his home where she was forced to perform sex acts for days before authorities located her. She was allowed to make phone calls that the suspect supervised. 

Canadian police tracked her cell phone after family members received messages from her. Pickens County deputies were alerted to her location and went to the suspects home where he was arrested on Wednesday night. 

He is facing kidnapping, criminal sexual conduct and possession of meth charges.


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