McMaster Wins Gubernatorial Primary

(Columbia, SC)  --  Governor Henry McMaster will get a chance to remain on the job.  He beat challenger John Warren in yesterday's runoff in the Republican primary.  

McMaster won with 54 percent of the vote, unofficially.  He'll face Democrat James Smith in November's general election. 

The governor's win is also a win for the president.  Political analysts say President Trump's support of Henry McMaster was key to McMaster's win in yesterday's Republican primary.  

McMaster was one of the first statewide office holders to support Trump in 2016, and Trump then endorsed McMaster for governor.  

College of Charleston's Gibbs Knotts tells "The State" aligning himself with Trump was a huge, smart strategic move, and another analyst says McMaster's win also shows how popular Trump is in South Carolina. 


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