Getting Back Home After the Storm

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WPDE) - Everyone is anxious to get back to their homes following the storm and officials don't know that exact timeline yet.  

After Gov. McMaster rescinds the evacuation order, there is a protocol that will go into effect. 

First, the Emergency Management Director will activate the re-entry plan.

This will be conducted in phases, allowing those with Level I access into impacted areas in order to restore essential services and infrastructure.

Level I access includes: "All public officials and personnel having key roles in life safety and the restoration of critical services after a disaster will be allowed to enter the impacted area. All Level I personnel will be required to present and wear in full view an authorized employee identification badge. No personal vehicles will be allowed to enter impacted areas during Level I access, except governmental personnel reporting for official business," according to Horry County officials.

Level II access allows re-entry of critical support groups, relief workers, State certified (SLED) security officers, healthcare personnel, business owners/essential staff, insurance adjusters and any other person(s) authorized by the jurisdiction to provide services or reduce economic loss. These personnel will be required to have an authorized employee identification badge at the entry checkpoint.

Finally, Level III access allows residents and business operators back into areas that have been deemed safe by the authority having jurisdiction. Every possible effort will be made to assist you safely to your property, if access is limited.

Residents and property owners will need to show proper identification and documentation to gain re-entry. This identification may include a valid government issued photo identification card showing the location of their property.

For out of state property owners with residential or commercial properties within the affected area(s), they must show a valid government issued photo identification card and current documentation to verify the need for re-entry. This documentation can be a utility bill, deed, property tax bill, etc.

Residents with special needs shall be assisted back into their dwellings once sufficient support services are available to sustain and assist their recovery efforts.

Business owners and essential employees will also need proper identification. Business owners will need identification including a current business license, company photo identification card, lease documents or other official documents showing the location of the property and a valid government issued photo identification card.

Essential staff and employees will need a valid business or government issued photo identification card and an essential employee authorization letter on official letterhead/stationary provided by the business. This letter should include a request for admittance, the employee’s name and be signed by the business owner/operator.


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