Hurricane Preparedness Tips, Getting Ready for Dorian


1. Make ice blocks NOW. Buy or fill plastic gallon jugs with drinking water (pour out about 2 cups because ice will expand). Put the jug in a couple of plastic bags ( in case a jug bursts) and put upright in your freezer. If the power goes off, you will have a block of ice that won’t melt as fast as cubed ice and when it does melt, you’ll have drinking water.

2. Right now you have clean tap water. Start filling up jugs, jars, bottles and pitchers. Also outside, fill buckets or trash cans with water (and cover so mosquitos don’t enjoy the breeding ground). This water can be used for flushing and plants. I fill up the tub with water ( I’m still a country girl)!

3. Make sure every electronic device is charged. In the event of an outage, don’t waste the charge with gaming or excessive use.

4. If you don’t have a battery powered radio or flashlight, buy one now....and don’t forget the batteries.

5. Back up your computer files on a thumb drive to keep with you.

6. Fill ‘er up! Make sure all vehicles are gassed and ready to go.

7. Check on people who live alone as well as elderly and infirm neighbors.

8. Eat well this week! Use up your most valuable freezer and fridge items now in case the power is off for sometime and you didn’t make the ice blocks (See #1).

9. Remember to get matches/lighters.

10. When the storm passes and you have phone service, let friends and relatives know your status and whereabouts.

11. Pack a waterproof box with valuables and “sentimentals” that you can grab if you must evacuate.

12. Have cash! It works everywhere, all the time.

13. Make sure clothes and dishes are washed. Run the garbage disposal.

14. If you are cooking something and the power goes out, immediately turn the stove or oven off.

15. Get your prescriptions refilled.

16. Move your vehicles away from trees and on to higher ground if there is danger of flooding.

17. Buy canned goods that don’t need to be heated or cooled. Also, make sure you have a manual can opener.

18. Stock up on tarps and duct tape.

19. Make coffee before the storm gets too bad and pour into a Yeti thermos. Next morning you’ll be glad you did! Also, you could share with someone who loses power.

Water: At least one gallon per person, per day, for drinking, food preparation, hygiene, pets. Store in unbreakable containers

Food: Ready-to-eat, non-perishable Canned goods—meats, tuna, fruit, vegetables Dry goods—crackers, cereal, dried fruits, peanut butter, breakfast bars, nuts, candy. Baby food and formula

Tools: Flashlight(s) and extra batteries, multi-purpose tool, non-electric can opener, plastic eating utensils and paper plates. Matches, duct tape, scissors

First-aid kit: Sterile gauze pads Hypoallergenic adhesive tape, triangular bandages, sterile roller bandages, tweezers, needle antiseptic, thermometer

Personal care: Medications, medical supplies (hearing aids with batteries, glasses, contact lenses), hand sanitizer, premoistened towelettes, personal-hygiene items, baby-care items, blankets/sleeping bags, extra clothing, including rain gear and sturdy shoes

Get ready for a Hurricane

Get ready for a Hurricane