How Soon Is Too Soon?

I wrote Friday about beginning the process of getting South Carolina and the country back on track. We were seeing signs that we were getting close to at least working towards that day.

Little did I know that by later today South Carolina may be on that long road to recovery (whatever that looks like). Is it too soon? I wish I knew.

The University of Washington projections last Thursday called for more than 600 deaths in our state by August. Barely 24 hours later those numbers were reduced by two-thirds! We have already lost 120 South Carolinians and now the projections call for fewer than 100 more lives lost by August.

So all this comes into play later today when Governor McMaster is expected to call for public access to beaches to be reopened and for those retail stores that we shut down just a few weeks ago to reopen with social distancing requirements.

Sound odd to you? It would have to me last Friday, but given the new information we gotten, maybe not.

All we know is that any life lost is one too many. But what puts us most at risk? The virus or a failed economy?

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