Black Box From Chinese Jetliner Indicates Crash Was Intentional: Report


Photo: Xinhua News Agency

The black box recovered from the doomed China Eastern Airlines that crashed in March indicates that the plane was intentionally put into a nosedive, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal.

The Boeing 737-800 jet crashed in the mountains of Guangxi in March, killing all 123 passengers and nine crew members aboard. The aircraft slammed into the side of the heavily forested mountain with enough force to create a 65-foot crater in the ground.

There is no evidence of mechanical malfunction, and U.S. officials aiding the Chinese investigation believe the crash was not an accident.

It is unclear if the pilot or co-pilot was responsible for the crash or if a passenger stormed the cockpit and caused the plane to go into a sharp nosedive while at a cruising altitude of 29,000 feet. Investigators are also reviewing the cockpit's voice recorder but have not released any details about what happened in the cockpit before the crash.

An air traffic controller tried to contact the pilots after noticing the plane was in a nosedive but did not receive a response.

After the crash, China Eastern grounded all 737-800 planes as a precaution. In mid-April, the airline resumed use of the aircraft.

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