This Is The Best Fishing Spot In South Carolina

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Sunny summer days are the perfect backdrop for a fishing trip, whether you are looking for a solitary expedition or want to spend some quality time with loved ones sitting lakeside with a fishing pole in one hand and a cold drink in the other.

Cheapism searched the country to find the best fishing spot in each state, including this lake in South Carolina perfect for casting out a line and reeling in a catch. According to the site:

"From interior lakes and ponds to brackish channels and open ocean, America has a vast network of fishing spots along both coasts and ever state in between. No matter where you live, hungry fish are nearby."

So what is the best spot for fishing in South Carolina?

Lake Murray

Located just outside of Columbia and called "the jewel of South Carolina," Lake Murray has around 650 miles of shoreline where you can set up shop for the day as you hope to reel in one of many varieties of fish, such as striped bass.

Here's what Cheapism had to say:

"The 50,000-acre, human-made fishing hold known as Lake Murray is known throughout the state for its striped bass. It has produced record-setting white bass, white perch, white crappie, and white catfish. Not only is it productive for anglers, but it's a beautiful gathering ground for birds. More than a million purple martins flock every year to their seasonal roost at Bomb Island in the middle of the lake."

Check here to see the full list of the best fishing spots around the country.

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