Video Of Dog Taken By Alex Murdaugh's Son Casts Doubt On Alibi

(Walterboro, SC)-- A new video revealed in the Alex Murdaugh murder trial Wednesday may be chipping away at the once-powerful lawyer's alibi. 

Murdaugh had previously claimed he wasn't at the crime scene back in June of 2021. The clip was time-stamped at 8:44 p.m., from the dog kennels where Murdaugh's son, Paul, and wife, Margaret, were killed minutes later, according to prosecutors. 

Rogan Gibson, the owner of the dog in the video and close family friend, testified that Paul had been watching the dog for him at the family's estate. 

Gibson said in court Wednesday that he's certain it was Alex and Margaret Murdaugh in the background when he spoke to Paul over the phone.

Murdaugh, a once-prominent personal injury attorney from a long line of prosecutors in southeastern South Carolina, has denied he was involved in the deaths of his wife and their youngest son.

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