Carolina Cares with Tyler Ryan: Protecting children online and MileStones

This week on Carolina Cares, Host Tyler Ryan speaks with former Deputy Attorney General and current 5th Circuit Prosecutor Bethany Miles about we work on the Internet Against Children Task Force, the elite team that works to defend children against predators.

Tyler and Assistant Solicitor Miles talk about how apps and technology have created opportunities for people who have the mindset to hurt kids. They also discuss the laws surrounding this delicate subject.

Assistant Solicitor Miles offers ideas on starting a difficult conversation with children about the dangers on the Internet.

The two also discuss Milestone of South Carolina, a non-profit organization that Ms. Miles founded to help children in the Foster Care System in South Carolina, providing support and resources for the kids and host families.

Learn more about Milestones HERE.

Tyler Ryan is an award winning television and radio personality living in South Carolina. He is available to host or speak at your event. Email:

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