Stephen Nuttall - Nuttall's Tire

I was born and raised here in Columbia, graduated from Airport High School and ultimately studied Youth Ministry and Bible at CIU (Columbia International University). I grew up in the tire business, but it was one of those things for me where I wanted to find my own way, so while I worked my summers in the business as a kid, I purposed to ultimately do something else.I worked for UPS and then moved onto selling cars, ultimately finding my way to the Bible College to study and do youth ministry (which I did for a few years).It was at CIU that I met my beautiful bride. 20 years and 3 kids later and we’re still honeymooning!

My favorite things in life revolve around God, my wife and kids, personal growth, and leadership. Whether it’s through the business, or one-on-one, an opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life is what creates purpose and gives meaning to life. I tell my team that we have one purpose every day: “To find somebody to serve, serve them well, and leave every person you come in contact with better than you found them.”

From youth ministry to the tire business… It’s crazy right!? The family business was the one thing I said I’d never do… God has one heck of a sense of humor. But it has become a platform for me to learn, lead, and encourage. From my team, to my customers, my suppliers and other business leaders, it has been an opportunity and a joy that I wouldn’t trade. I look back at what God has done through it all and where He has brought us, and I’m humbled and honored to have walked the road that I have.

Stephen Nuttall - Nuttall's Tire

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