It Just Keeps Getting Stranger

So, the plot thickens.

Two current USC football players have been cleared and a former player has turned himself in over an altercation at a Five Points bar that's generated quite of bit of buzz the last week or so.

Today the attorney for the former player says it's all a case of mistaken identity and it was another, not named USC player who attacked a bar patron. Does anyone really know whose responsible?

Coach Will Muschamp who himself came out swinging at The State newspaper over the original story, yesterday says he was told that Columbia Police told the paper not to run with the story.  Now the Free Times reports that CPD says they never told anyone not to run it.

To further cloud the picture, they report that Muschamp was told this little nugget by USC athletics spokesman Steve Fink.  Turns out Fink says he heard it from another USC spokesman Wes Hickman. Hickman was unavailable for comment.  

Whew, keeping up with all that?  

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Gary David

Gary David

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