So What Did You Expect?

I’ll never get those three plus hours of my life back, and neither will you if you watched or listened to Robert Mueller’s “testimony” to the House Judiciary committee.

I put the word testimony in quotes because it was anything but that.

Turns out it was just what we thought it would be. Yes and no answers, “can’t comment on that”, “not in my purview” and lots of “can you repeat the question?” The rest just grandstanding by committee members.

How many different ways can you ask the same question? Over and over Dems talked about Trump’s lawyer wanting Mueller fired. Well, he wasn’t. We’ve been told they’d been practicing for this, maybe they should have practiced a little more. At times I wondered if some were actually going to ask a question.

We knew if the first few moments after hearing Mueller’s opening statement that this would be the way it was going to go. He put both Democrats and Republicans on blast saying he wasn’t going outside the context of the report and wouldn’t talk about the beginnings of the investigation.

As expected Republican Jim Jordan didn’t disappoint. He no doubt got the name Joseph Mifsud trending on Twitter and on most searched for lists.Interesting story, check it out.

Some points were scored but not many. Mueller looked confused, disinterested and at times like he didn’t even know what was in his own report.

Now we await the predictable media spin which in some cases you may ask, “did you even watch the circus”?

Polls show that a majority of Americans say it’s time to move on, but is that really the intended audience? Not really. It’s all about convincing enough Dems that articles of impeachment should be brought against the President. I’m guessing Nancy Pelosi reached for the Rolaids on several occasions.

When it was all said and done, it seems doubtful to me that either side can claim victory but the biggest loser may be Mueller’s legacy.

The only decision he came to in his lengthy report was that there was no collusion. Given that, as Ken Starr pointed out why was there even a Book Two – obstruction of justice where he says he was hamstrung by the OLC - put out.

Hang on, here comes the next sideshow in front of Adam Schiff and company. Schiff is already insinuating that Trump is guilty of collusion. Need to grab some more popcorn.

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